Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Communication Freeware Utilities :

1. chat on IRC : xchat
2. chat with different messenger clients : gaim
3. check multiple email accounts with 1 utility : evolution
4. phone free using the internet : ekiga & openwengo
5. talk to skype and google-talk clients : skype (from http://skype.com)
6. telnet/ssh to a site : openssh (command line based)
7. video conference with others : ekiga & openwengo

This is a list of tools that are available in, at least, Ubuntu 6.10 (Edge Eft).

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Business/Office Freeware Utilities :

1. capture the screen : internal gnome function (print screen key)
2. change the date/time on multiple files : renameutils (command line based)
3. convert a document into a different format : OpenOffice Write
4. convert a document into pdf : OpenOffice Write
5. create a small database : OpenOffice Base
6. create pdf file : OpenOffice
7. create/edit css lists : Bluefish / nvu
8. create/edit html color codes : agave
9. show all the fonts installed : nautilus fonts:///

This is a list of tools that are available in, at least, Ubuntu 6.10 (Edge Eft).
I'm trying to complete the tool/utility list from Rich Burridge.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Audio/Music/MP3/Real/Wav Freeware Utilities :

1. burn a CD : gnomebaker
2. burn an audio CD : gnomebaker
3. organize the mp3 collection : cowbell
4. play all mp3 files in a folder : rhythmbox
5. play an audio CD : rhythmbox
6. play an audio file : totem
7. play real audio (.ra, .rm) files without the real software : mplayer
8. record/save streaming music : streamtuner
9. rip music from a CD : rhythmbox, soundjucer
10. show song lyrics for the song playing : rhythmbox
11. tag/fix mp3/audio file tags : easytag

This is a list of tools that are available in, at least, Ubuntu 6.10 (Edge Eft).

Saturday, January 06, 2007

You know what's funny? Red Hat is positioned nr 3 and Oracle in ranked 32nd on the Annual Vendor Value list, with 77% and 56% satisfaction ratings.
This makes the Oracle Red Hat Linux spin-off claims even more stupid.

On their site you'll learn they provide a great Linux service; "Oracle's Premier Support provides the same level of enterprise-class support that Oracle provides for its database product.". Why would I want to go for less then I have with Red Hat?