Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everybody by now knows about the remarks Steve Jobs made about Android phones and porn. I just want to let you know why i think it is an important remark, for two reasons;

  1. Normally Apple doesn't use such weak arguments, most of the time they do have a valid point when talking about other systems.
  2. Secondly, if that is the only thing 'wrong' with Android compared to an iPhone, I'd say Android is in pretty good shape and reasons to by an iPhone are pretty slim.
Don't forget Android is already available for other purposes besides phones. e-readers and some soon to be released iPad clones are also based on this OS.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Avatar, the epic sci-fi movie, was released on BD or DVD yesterday. I hardly go to the movies anymore, but i couldn't wait to get the BD release because i'm a big fan of all of James Camerons work (yes, that includes Titanic & Pirhana 2). Anyway, what is interesting is the fact that you get a DVD for 'free' when you buy the BD edition. In the box itself it is described as 'ideal for on the go'. What that sound like to me is rather - you may 'rip' this DVD and put it on your portable media device. Again that is my interpretation, but it is a great idea!
However this brings up the question about pricing, DVD is 19 euro and BD is 27 euro. So a BD movie is worth 8 euro then, please lower your prices for BD's not including a DVD. Or else, DVD's cost to much and a new one should be 8 euro? I'm but a simple man, any economist out there that can explain how this works to me?