Thursday, April 22, 2010

Avatar, the epic sci-fi movie, was released on BD or DVD yesterday. I hardly go to the movies anymore, but i couldn't wait to get the BD release because i'm a big fan of all of James Camerons work (yes, that includes Titanic & Pirhana 2). Anyway, what is interesting is the fact that you get a DVD for 'free' when you buy the BD edition. In the box itself it is described as 'ideal for on the go'. What that sound like to me is rather - you may 'rip' this DVD and put it on your portable media device. Again that is my interpretation, but it is a great idea!
However this brings up the question about pricing, DVD is 19 euro and BD is 27 euro. So a BD movie is worth 8 euro then, please lower your prices for BD's not including a DVD. Or else, DVD's cost to much and a new one should be 8 euro? I'm but a simple man, any economist out there that can explain how this works to me?

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