Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gutsy Gibbon is not out of the door yet (you'll have to wait until 18 October), and already Hardy Heron is announced. You can expect Hardy somewhere near April 2008, this will be the next LTS release as well. No features or implementation plans have been announced yet, they will be discussed and decided during the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Linux Desktop Survey 2007 results are available. Ubuntu tops the most popular distro for this year, and as a surprise Gnome and XFCE have increased in popularity. Gnome even takes 1st place from KDE, probably due to the success of Ubuntu that uses it as its default desktop environment.
Another surprise is that Wine enough and have resources plenty to run Windows at a decent speed if needed and with a higher rating then Wine (not to dis this fabulous project, I think it is tops the list for ways to run MS Windows applications, I would have thought other solution based on virtual machines would be more popular. Today's computers are certainly powerful enough and have resources plenty to run Windows like this with a greater compatibility (not to dis Wine, I think it is truly great).

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Performance/Recovery/System Freeware Utilities :

1. backup/restore the gconf database : cp / tar (command line)
2. burn/create CD/DVD iso image files : built-in / brasero
3. capture all text written to screen : script (command line)
4. completely wipe/delete a file : shred (command line)
5. completely wipe/delete a hard disk : shred (command line)
6. defrag the hard drive : defrag (command line)
7. display CPU information : system monitor
8. display TCP/UDP endpoints and applications using them : lsof (command line)
9. display all file activity in real-time : fwatch (kernel package)
10. display all processes running : system monitor
11. display hard drive status information : system monitor
12. display system information : system monitor
13. display/edit gconf entries neatly : gconf-editor
14. find which program has a particular file or directory open : lsof (command line)
15. monitor bandwidth usage : system monitor
16. optimize TCP/IP settings : sysctl (command line)
17. remotely control another computer : ssh (command line) / TS client
18. scan IP/ open ports : nmap (command line)
19. tweak security settings : bastille
20. view/kill running tasks : system monitor

This is a list of tools that are available in, at least, Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn).