Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've had it up to here with all this Windows 7 propaganda on the net the last month or since whenever MicroSoft released their public beta. Vista was the first time the press was bad to Windows from the beginning for the first time. All previous releases were crap as well, but the press and tech sites never really send out this negaive vibe en-mass as they did with Vista. Now this is no more, Windows 7 sound like the best thing since slices bread, at least accoring to them. Will Windows 7 really be this great? It will hopefully be better then Vista, but it will still be a piece of crap, just like all windows versions that preceded it. Yes, you say, but this time the press is really excited. Indeed, but mostly they are always excited when MS comes up with another OS release and it never turns out to be all that is claimed. Secondly, it could well be better then Vista, at least that is something to sheer about.

Listen, if you pull of a release like Vista when you are not MS, you would lose marketshare so fast. Imagine Canonial releasing a really bad Ubuntu, Vista style. Users would migrate to a better, other linux distro and it would take a long time to rebuild the community they had.

If you've been using computers for more then 10 years, and you're a Windows user and you're buying all the Windows 7 propaganda on the net right now? to you i say: fool you once, shame on them - fool you twice, shame on you!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Imagine that, both Red Hat and Sun Microsystems are about equal in market capitalization ($2.6 billion). This does not mean that RH turns the same profit as Sun does, at this point Sun still has higher profit by a very large margin. The market capitalization shows us what the market thinks the company is worth (or the total value of all the shares of the company). I don't know about you, but i think this is remarkable, a major turning point for RH.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sometimes vendors do their best to hide stuff from customers. For example, i noticed a lot of laptops using the Intel Core 2 Duo T5870 processor, however searching for the exact specs of this beast you will find exactly nothing on intels site (and it is even the developer site, none the less). Nothing in the available list of cpu and even zero results from the site-search.

Then i stumbled upon intel ARK site, which did contain the information. After entering the cpu model, i got all the specs i was looking for, fast. great site to add to you bookmarks to lookup stuff when you stumble upon one of the OEM offerings with hidden specs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 is already almost 2 weeks old and i still haven't looked back at 2008, I'm probably the last person on the net to do so, which is a feat in itself.

Linux & OSS headlines for 2008 for me include:

The best games of last year are:

  • Wii: Super Mario Galaxy, although it was already available in '07, i only got around playing it in 2008. And everybody loved it, a lot. It is a great game to play with the family. Other great games include 'Lost Winds', 'Zack & Wiki' and 'de Blob'. Although, none have the attraction (to the rest of the family) as Mario has.
  • DS: Final Fantasy IV, it is wonderful, goes of to a slow start and it doesn't seem to be as good as FF3, but it picks up pace very fast and doesn't let go.

TV brought some nice things in 08:

  • Dexter is the best series,
  • but Top Gear is now available on national TV and rates as the best show for me. No Heroes this year, the series was cut short by the Hollywood writers strike.

The price for best Linux distro in 2008 goes to:

  • Ubuntu, but just. There are so many new (and older) good distros rising (some even based on Ubuntu) maybe next year the desktop king will be dethroned.