Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My loot! ping from redhat & fedora, a tuit from perl, t-shirts from FOSDEM itself and Mozilla/Firefox, pocket guide for '*grep', a bunch of stickers, a DTrace quick guide (handy!) random flyers and stickers, a CD or DVD from about every big distro there is (Linux & BSD & OpenSolaris).

It's also cool to see all those promotional posters from the different teams.

One of the main tracks, here Andrew Tanenbaum is getting ready for his Minix3 talk.

What is an OSS convention without penguins?

Fosdem was great as ever, a lot of interesting talks and sessions. Packed rooms everywhere. A chance to see the rock-stars of the open source world. Also, these photos prove that the 5MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy android phone isn't realy that great.

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