Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Recently I have been getting the feeling we are going back into time instead of advancing as a human race. The proof is in this article. You should know that I am an atheist, and thus news like this makes me shake my head in disbelieve.

It is scary and hopeful at the same time. Scary, because these kind of stories are becoming more common all the time. Most of the they are time originating from the US. Hopeful, because there are still people who find it reason enough to take this to court.

You should have figured out by now that I can only accept Darwinism as a valid evolutionary process, backed up by science. And science is the key word here people, how can anybody, who has had an decent education still believe in god(s) or the like?

Science is a very broad word, but it has brought us humans where we are now. The common argument of believers (any god) are that science is not able to explain everything. This is true, many questions remain unanswered, but this does not mean we should presume by default it is gods work. Remember in prehistoric times every natural occurrence was a sign of god, ofcourse they did not have science to explain these phenomenas to them and so it was just as easy to explain everything as supernatural. Even in more recent history, and for this we should only go back for 100-80 years, the church was keeping the common folk down with claims of heaven and hell so people would keep quiet and not revolt with fear for the afterlife. This made the church mighty powerful, and since most people still had no education (and could not even read, less pay for education) they didn't know any better then to believe any good or bad was the way god intended and it would be better not to taunt the lord.

Let me get this straight, if you are a Christian and you want to put more believe in your evolutionary theory, that is 100% your right and your freedom of choice (yes, we believe everybody can have his believe, unlike most religions who do not allow other religions to exist). The problem in this case is that it should not be in the general tutoring package. I couldn't care less if they discussed this to death in the Christianity class, but it does not belong in biology which should deal with science only!

I hope they win their court case, they should, but since the judge is appointed by Bush I'm just not so sure.

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