Saturday, October 22, 2005

I bought the Tacx Flow Egrotrainer to get me through the cold months up ahead. It really is a great piece of kit, the display gives you a bunch of information that helps your training a lot. On the Tacx website you'll find a bunch of training programs you can use with each of their trainers. The included booklet also includes some basic trainings and so I quickly followed the endurance program, which is a 45 minute course which pushes you into the +100 rpm zone for several minutes a few times.

It also displays the watt-power you are producing, my average (during the 45 minute endurance program) was 180, which is pretty sad when you imagine pro-cyclers push out 400 watt on average. I'm interested in the climbing training programs, which i'm going to try out tomorrow. It must be said that the device mimics real road conditions fairly realistic, ofcourse you don't have any hindrance (or aid) from strong winds. Can't wait for the cycling season to start again next year!

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