Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The sales figure of games is down, Analysts say it's because of sequels. That's not completely correct I think. Sure people are bored of sequels, but most of these are coming from EA, who manage to produce update after update of the same title.

I can't see this model working for much longer. In an age where everybody is connected most of the games from EA should be available as a downloadable patch/update. Just take a look at what Blizzard is doing with Diablo 2. It still gets worthy updates and changes, if EA would have released this game we would be at Diablo 9 or something by now. The game changed, but it would not have changed enough to warrant spending 50 euro on.

People are not tired of sequels, Doom 3 and Half Life 2 are good examples of this. They are both FPS and sequels, still they sold lots! Because they were good games, they presented a worthy upgrade to the previous game(s).

The industry might not be heading for a crash, but EA certainly is.

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