Wednesday, December 28, 2005

There is a nice and lengthy article on Linux Journal about Jeff Waugh, one of the employees of Ubuntu. There is a section in there that can be linked to the recent Gnome vs KDE 'incident'.

"99.9% of the population don't care about computers. This isn't a matter of intelligence; your local doctor may be perfectly bright but when it comes to computers, he or she simply wants a glorified typewriter to write some letters or whatever. When it comes to software, Jeff said, "it shouldn't punch you in the face". To illustrate this point, Jeff put up two screenshots of dialog boxes, one from a Microsoft Windows program and the other from a current GNOME program. The Windows dialog box had three densely written paragraphs of computer terms and finished with two boxes, one labeled "Yes" and the other labeled "No". With GNOME, the developers put verbs on the boxes, such as "Save" and "Cancel". In other words, the user should have a pretty good idea about what is happening simply from looking at the dialog boxes."

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