Sunday, February 05, 2006

A new flaimbate article on OSNews. Several things are wrong, lets try to list them;

  • Users don't have full access to all files, except his own. That is what most companies want, in a lot of corporate environment windows is set up like this as well, and you won't be able to install software and only write 'office' documents in your own folders. Nobody uses windows like that at home, hence all the problems they get. Linux always runs in this mode, and it is perhaps not the most convenient for home use, but it doesn't have to be like that. In fact, this can be easily solved, but I have not seen a distro yet who actually takes care of giving normal users some basic rights or implementing a user level tiering model - root (by default available), advanced users (should be allowed some things, like network settings and install updates for example) and then normal users.
  • Unix can be infected as well. Sure, you could get infected by a virus, or mal/ad/spyware on Unix, but the probability is so low, so small and so unlikely that is it to be ignored.
  • Only the user files are important. The system is not compromised, and still running which has no benefit to the user. But it sure still has benefit to the support staff. This together with a decent backup policy or some sort of data protection scheme should allow fast restores of data to the previous state.

  • It simply is not a false sense of security. I turned my wife's PC to Linux and i'm never bothered with these things. But every month a windows PC returns to me, ready for reinstall. Despite all security measures against any type of ware it still fails.

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