Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Funny Microsoft bits today, the first is the usual hype surrounding a Windows release. 'Why Windows Vista Won't Suck', a piece at ExtremeTech, had me shaking my head because people are buying Microsoft's marketing hype once again. You can replace 'Vista' with any Windows release and it will still be true, except it never is in real life.

The second bit is about Microsoft thinking it Will beat Google in 6 months. Again, this isn't the first time we hear them say this, so far nothing has changed. MS Search still returns 'How to Remove Linux and Install Windows on Your Computer' when searching for 'linux' and it will return 'Programming with Circles, Triangles and Rectangles' for keyword 'xen' (the actual Xen site is not even listed on the first page of results). All the while Google returns sensible results.

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