Friday, February 08, 2008

It's been a while since my last post, I'm still here ofcourse. Something changed, I have bought an Apple PC - the delightful Mac Mini (2Ghz version).

A real beautiful piece of hardware, and ultra-quiet. MacOSX Leopard is very nice as well (don't worry, Ubuntu is installed using BootCamp), but I'm still in the learning phase GUI wise. The approach is different for some aspects, like keyboard commands and the handling of application windows.

You'll notice a lot of Gnome in MacOSX, while on the other hand you'll notice how much Gnome differs.

Anyway, most of the the time they try to make it so easy for you it's scary. Even when playing around with the shell it's almost plug-and-play wise. Do you have an NFS server available? automount is configured in such a way that you only have to use the following command to mount a remote drive:

ls|cd|whatever-cmd /net/nfs-server/share path

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