Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've got an Asus eee-pc, it's great. You can't argue much for that price and the functionality that it offers. Anyway, there are a lot of comments on the net about the eee already, a lot of them claiming that it's nothing new, that is has been done before and that there are almost as small, but more powerful models from various brands out there. And it's all true, but none of those beat the eee on price (also for us, linux geeks, it's about the visible first mass product).

It doesn't matter if the eee is slow and doesn't have a lot of standard storage. Everything it needs to do, it does just fine. Use it as a uber-functional pda and internet tool and nothing comes even close.

What I do start to notice however is that the umpc model is already killing itself. New models get released by almost each vendor, and they become bigger, faster, stronger, more capable and more expensive. That's not right, if you want all of that, you just buy a laptop. To all manufacturers, keep it simple, small and cheap. That's the magic combination that made the eee a success.

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