Friday, February 13, 2009

How about some Fosdem 2009 pictures, again i'll be focusing on the athmosphere, as for the talks, there are other resources to get more info on them. If you haven't been to Fosdem yet, I hope these picture will wet your appetite.

What? I don't want to do that, delete my willy are you nuts!?

It's always that crowded, from the early morning till late in the afternoon.

Hey, an Ubuntu stand, they weren't here the previous years. As you can see from the shot, Netbooks everywhere!

Power to the people!

This is becomming a problem. This is a picture taken during a lecture in one of the main tracks. There is room for more then 800 people, if there are 80 people in whole it's a lot. In contrast, the dev.rooms are packed and sometimes don't have enough seats. Fosdem needs to figure out how to avoid things like this. Tracks should get a populairity vote to know in which room to schedule them.

Brussels is so much fun, so much to see. Even a simple tree holds a surprise.

Ubuntu init replacement upstart lecture first slide.

Look! i can take shit pictures with my phone camera

Two heroes, Micheal Meeks and Keith Packard discussing the meaning of life.

My Fosdem loot: Fedora CD, OpenSUSE CD, NetBSD CD, MirOS CD, PCBSD CD, FreeBSD CD, Fosdem 09 girly T-Shirt (for my wife), Flyers for/from Ubuntu, Fosdem, Perlmonks Workshop (Leuven, Belgium), BSD; 2 badges from the Firefox/Mozilla stand, 1 foot-sticker from the Gnome stand, an O'Reilly plastic bag and the O'Reilly CSS pocket guide. Geek life is good.

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