Saturday, May 08, 2010

I reported earlier that i had bought an Android mobile phone, it's the Samsung Galaxy 7500. After several months now, I can say truely say what the good and bad points are. Functionality wise there is nothing that compares to it, it's very close to a small PC in the palm of your hand. There are so many apps available, you have to inform yourself and read reviews on dedicated sites to know good from wrong (even though apps have user based scores, you can't rely on that all the time).
What bugs me the most is the battery life time, it only lasts for a bit more then 24 hours. Now this is not problem with Android per-se, but compared to the normal mobile phone i had before, it's a huge difference. In the meantime i have learned this appears to be normal behavior for smartphone, as others like the iPhone have the same operating time.
To extend the battery life, there are some tools available. The first one i recommend is 'ecocharger', this one will warn you when the battery is 100% charged, otherwise you can only rely on the battery icon in the status bar, but when this is marked as full, the capacity could well be only 90%. It is also known that overcharging is bad for batteries, so by disconnecting the charger immediatly you keep your battery healty.
Next tool is an automated task killer, i use 'Advaced Task Killer'. Android has a bit of the same philosofy as MacOSX, where once started applications keep running unless explicitly quit. Task killer does this for you on specified intervals.

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