Sunday, February 06, 2011

Fosdem weekend is already over, and it was fabulous once again. There are just so many great sessions and talks that sometimes it's hard to choose. This year there were 6000 open source minded people present, and this is getting problematic. On Saterday i had a lot of problems getting into rooms because most of them were full. What i did notice is that a lot of guys take their girlfriends along, don't ask me why, because most of the time these girls are bored and don't really want to be there. I don't have anything against geek-girls, who are there to learn, i just think it is silly that some people are not able to attend a talk for that reason.
Never the less, great conference. What captured my attention is the strong presense of open source embedded solutions, going from arduino to satellites. Perl is still going strong with fresh and cool projects. Even though the perl crowd is older then most other projects, there is some young blood blowing fresh air. They definatly need a person like Sawyer, which is a very good and entertaining speaker. It's also interesting to see that the main talks don't draw that many listeners anymore and all the action is found in the developer rooms.

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