Friday, August 27, 2004

Did anybody see the birds? Of course you did, who hasn't. Pretty scary movie, and still hasn't lost much of its power. Remember this was made in the 60ties, but it remains a classic example of movies in its class even today.

You know what is more scary? The birds for real! That is exactly what we have here. At our lovely apartment. After moving in some 6 months ago, we are now under attack from birds. To make things even more strange, none of the other people living in this building have problems with birds (there are a total of 6 apartments here). Perhaps being on the top floor has something to do with it, I sure as hell don't know.

What I do know is that the birds won't leave us alone. I told you before about the heatwave we had around here during mid-summer. To let the heat escape we opened the door of our balcony, it sure cooled us down a little bit. But after a while strange things started to happen. The table would sometimes be messy, everything would be tossed around, first Nele though I was doing this (why should I? ;) ). One other day I found my swimming gear on the balcony, wtf? Next the key to the front door was gone (now we have to enter our home through the garage).

At one point in time, we found shit on the floor, at that point we knew, the birds! They are invading our home. Most of the time they were just eating stuff we left on the table from breakfast or something, now and then they also stole things: keys, swim gear (I don't want to know what they planned to do with that),...

From then on we close our door, but left the window open. This is one of those windows you can open just a little bit and lock, it's big enough for bugs to crawl through , but we found out they still came in! this time even into the living room. To make things even worse, they shit on the cough, the wooden living floor, the table and, oh, my super-expensive Jamo surround speakers, not one, but TWO of the 6 speakers!

No man or bird or living thing messes with a guys hifi surround sound cinema home theater!

After cleaning that shit up (you can take this literally), we just decided to lock up everything again, airtight. Do you think we are now bird free? Well they still come, and they are picking away at the wood of the window. I wonder how long they will keep this up, and what if they manage to get in again one day? I never knew birds could do all this!

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