Friday, July 16, 2004

Great, first post. I always wanted to have a first post on slashdot (guess I'll have to settle with my own blog for now). There you have it, now you know for sure that I'm a geek.

I'm also a linux zealot, since about 1997 when i was still in school to study informatics. At that time i was already not using much of windows and had OS2 running on a 486 with 8MB of memory. In fact this was agreat environment for running my two node BBS on that very same system. My BBS was devoted to the demo scene and had a whopping 1GB of storage (spread over 2 disks I must add). Anyway, i have always been a CLI type a guy and spend the first year on linux on the console (X in RedHat 5.0 wasn't really good for anything at the time). I have a single boot machine, linux only.

Every now and then a game can really hold me in its grasps. For the moment this is Neverwinter Nights, i bought the pack including the original and first expansion pack. I think I'm somewhere halfway through chapter 2. This game really is nice, and we didn't have something like it on linux yet (FPSs-a-plenty though) so i ordered the last expansion from amazon as well.

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