Wednesday, July 21, 2004

mrsad, sadplanet, oh boy, sounds like a real happy guy. Don't worry, these things have nothing to do with my state of mind or anything.

The simple fact is I used to have another alias way back in the days. however it was quite long and all those arcade and Amiga game high scores mostly only allowed you to enter 3 chars. well, I abbreviated my name to 3 chars and it became sad ;). The BBS I used to run was called 'cyberdyne systems', this was great, but later on when the shift occurred from BBS to the net I decided to get rid of the cyberdyne name and go looking for something else. At that time the Belgian band evil superstars was one of the hottest bands, together with dEUS. I liked the superstars more (although dEUS latest 'real' CD; the ideal crash is a class of it's own) and they had a hit single with a song called 'it's a sad sad planet', which would go perfectly along with my handle. End of story, nothing sad at all!

lyrics: I wish today was a very special day but once again sex got in the way. war is over and I feel lonely again. well it takes a few and then you've had, it it's a sad, sad planet, a sad planet wasn't it jesus who said it, it's a sad sad planet. she was working topless in a hospital. she was pretty and not feeling comfortable at all. hoping for angels it's such a bore. you're a wrinkled mutant before you get, it it's a sad, sad planet, a sad planet even if you're michael or janet, it's a sad, sad planet. (even the visiting aliens and their crew) say much ado and too many problems too. well if we'd only listen to our hearts there'll be only love left to boo, it's a sad, sad planet.

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