Monday, July 26, 2004

Today I must tell your about this guy at work. Seriously, I have to. He found out I started this blog (well, in all fairness I told him) and now he is checking this web space every single day until I put something about him here.

Anyway, todays talk is about Maurice. You know, we Belgians make lots of jokes about the Dutch, but this guy is the perfect example of a Nederbelg as he calls himself. Perfectly integrated, so much even he starts to joke and loath other dutch that cross his path. Great stuff, sometimes I have to run to the toilet not to wet myself while laughing.
Ofcourse the best part of the day is at 12 when we take out lunch break and head towards the nearest supermarket on foot. Since I started doing this I never had to buy playboy magazine again (hue, not like I did, but if I ever had to I wouldn't, agh, never mind). Enough sexual fantasies about the woman/girls that pass us to make a cripple man walk again.
Luckily some good things came from our friendship, as he introduced me to the wonderful world of the Dutch Cabaret. Now, don't fear, this is not some gay-dance-sing-thing. It is most of the time about having a good laugh. My personal favorites are; Theo Maassen, Bert Visscher, Najib Amhali, Hans Teeuwen, Eric van Sauers.

Maurice is the best of the Dutch, and ofcourse a full pacifist!

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